Five Element Acupuncture

There are many explanations of the Five Elements throughout most cultures in history.  Before we invented science, people observed the elements of nature and the energetics of the seasons to begin to understand their place in the world.  Simply put, we can see that Fire has a very different energy, feeling, and look to say, Water.  We realised that the seasons relate to the  Five Elements and create the cycle of a year’s time.

five element acupuncture - wood Wood

Spring, Liver, Gallbladder.  Energetic: upward, moving

five element acupuncture - fire Fire

Summer, Heart, Pericardium, Triple Burner, Small Intestine.  Energetic: Open, vulnerable

five element acupuncture - earth Earth

Late Summer, Stomach, Spleen.  Energetic: Round, gathering

five element acupuncture - metal Metal

Autumn, Lung, Large Intestine.  Energetic: Deep, dropping

five element acupuncture - water Water

Winter, Kidneys, Bladder.  Energetic: contracted, still

In the Classics of Chinese Medicine, the beauty of metaphor describe each element as they manifest in our individual make up.  Applying this theory in practical acupuncture practice is how human nature and our afflictions are treated.

We can have lots of fun discussing this more.