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What happens when I book an appointment?

During the first appointment I will take a complete medical history and also an emotional history.  You will also receive a lovely treatment introducing acupuncture to your current condition.

How many sessions do I need to have?

It is normal to have 4 treatments consecutively once a week for 4 weeks.  Usually after 4 treatments, a person is heading in the right direction and can maintain wellness for a longer time.  Perhaps after that you may need a treatment once a month, and then after that when the seasons change.  Many of my patients have been coming for maintenance treatments for 10 years, coming several times a year.  Acupuncture works more effectively if you are well.

Does it hurt?

The sterile, disposable needles are extremely thin and are inserted painlessly and removed.  There is a sensation of contact when the needle meets the Qi in your body.  That means your energy has been met and a change is taking place.

How many needles will you use in one treatment?

I like to use the least amount of needles possible.  Depending on the treatment, there could be anywhere between 3 – 12 needles.  Mostly, around 4-6 needles are used.

How long do you leave the needles in?

Most of the time, the needles are gently inserted, turned and then quickly removed.  There may be occasional times when the needles need to be left in for 10 minutes or more, depending on the condition.

I also use Moxa, which is a herb (artemesia vulgaris) which is placed on the point where the needle is going to be inserted.  The moxa is heated up and it gently warms the point, preparing it for the best contact with your energy.  It is truly relaxing and it smells lovely.