Five Element Acupuncture

There are many explanations of the Five Elements throughout most cultures in history.  Before we invented science, people observed the elements of nature and the energetics of the seasons to begin to understand their place in the world.  Simply put, we can see that Fire has a very different energy, feeling, and look to say, […]

About me

The only certainty in life is change. What interests me is how people change when invited to explore the nature of their imbalances. When we find the nature and wisdom of our bodies we can restore and connect with being well. By treating the underlying cause of dis-ease, acupuncture can affect change physiologically. These small […]


What happens when I book an appointment? During the first appointment I will take a complete medical history and also an emotional history.  You will also receive a lovely treatment introducing acupuncture to your current condition. How many sessions do I need to have? It is normal to have 4 treatments consecutively once a week […]